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"Custom wood signs for you!"

Hand crafted in the USA!


Hi! and Welcome to Doug’s Wood Signs where we fabricate hand carved and machine carved Routed Wood Signs for your home or business. Please take a few moments to browse our gallery to see some samples of our custom made wooden signs. Our wood sign makers will consider most any idea you might have in mind for your Custom Wood Sign. We will hand carve Personalized Family Name Signs, Wooden signs for Home or Business, Outdoor wood signs, Custom Wood Plaques, Custom Welcome Signs. Go to our Contact Page and tell us your ideas for a custom sign from Doug’s Wood Signs.


Pricing ranges between $60 – $75 a square foot, depending on complexity. Contact us with any idea and we can give you a quote. As the design becomes more complicated the price will increase due to time necessary to complete the sign. Paint other than black affects cost as well as sign shape other than rectangular pieces. Arches and quarter circle corners take time. Our wood signs are normally made with one inch thick boards but larger signs or personal preference can be made at much thicker sizes. 1 1/2 to 2 inch thickness or more is quite common on larger outdoor signs. Contact Doug’s Wood Signs for a quote on larger routed wood signs.

Our Woods

Our wood comes from the Pacific Northwest where the premier wood of choice has always been Western Red cedar, especially if your sign will be mounted out of doors. For thousands of years, the locals have known of the ability for Western Red Cedar to withstand the ravages of our difficult climate. Created within the wood itself is the ability to resist moisture, decay and insect damage. Our current supply is from privately owned land of 128 acres near Mossy Rock, WA. Many other woods are available for carving. A limited supply of Redwood which also weathers well, vertical grain fir and a variety of hardwoods for special situations. If you desire a particular wood species that is still accessible, we can probably get enough to carve that special sign you are dreaming of.