The love of wood started at an early age for Doug. In the late 1940’s you made your own fun. He found that an apple crate (made of real stout wood in those days) a 2×4 and a roller skate made a real cool box scooter for racing around the neighborhood. Someone eventually ditched the box and that became the advent of skate boards (but that is someone else’s story) Later in life he became a contractor which eventually grew into building single family homes, always with hands on, including cabinet fabrication and finish trim. Later on, to fulfill the need of the new born grandchildren, furniture making in the form of cradles made the scene. His first professional sign was made almost thirty years ago…A bicycle shop that was sponsoring Doug’s son’s BMX racing needed a new sign. Out of a Cedar tree cut from the San Bernardino forest came a 4 inch thick, 2 foot by 12 foot new sign for the “House of Bikes”.

Doug enjoys a lot of things in life, but spending time in his wood shop is really high on the list.

Customer Feedback

My husband received this as a Christmas gift from my parents. We absolutely LOVE it! It is going to hang above the door of our business in Russellville, AR. Thank you for designing a beautiful piece of work that fits right in at our shop!. Shelia