Design Ideas

We recognize that when Doug’s Wood Signs does a Festival or a County Fair, that many of the buyers are making spur of the moment decisions the buy a custom wooden sign. Then indecision sets in as they try to determine what to put on the sign. No matter how many custom made wood signs we have on display to help them decide, the process is still hard. Of course, wooden name signs are always a first choice and sometimes they want a quotation or saying. we will help them with the layout by showing previous cedar wood signs that we have made. I then draw out what I think the cedar sign might look like. Then we approach the subject of artwork. Many want artwork but want something that we aren’t displaying. That’s when we pull out the internet. We can almost always find an image that will work with their new custom made wood sign.

Below is an example of how we can take one idea and use it in a new way. I had previously done a howling wolf in the moon. A lady of Native American heritage, is a custom drum maker. She will decorate the drum heads with painted artwork. She told me that her totem was the wolf. here is the result of that conversation.

We feel that it is our responsibility to create a hand carved sign that our customers will be truly proud to hang in their home or business. And besides, I have a lot of fun routing wood signs……let us help you design just that right hand carved wood sign for you.