Gift Ideas

How often we face the dilemma of trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone or in our haste, we buy something and the desired effect is not achieved. I would like to tell you about something that happened at the Mason County Fair last week. Doug’s Wood Signs was making signs in our booth when a young couple came up to inquire about our making a Custom Wood Sign for someone special in their lives. It turns out that they were exhibitors of a Dog Showing Program at the fair and that they had been helped again this year by a certain Dog Trainer. The trainer was a professional dog trainer that offered her services free to this group of kids..about 12 of them. Last year they had bought her flowers as a thank you. This year they just felt like they wanted to do something more. When they saw Doug’s Wood Signs, they inquired if we could create a sign that included art work that would depict here favorite canine, the Rottweiler. I am happy to say that with the help of images from the internet we were able to draw a good resemblance of the Rottweiler and reproduce it for a Cedar Wood Sign. After the Custom Wood Sign was completed, each of the kids came over to the booth and signed the back of the sign.
I was latter told by one of the kids involved that the lady dog trainer cried when she received the Custom wooden sign. I am sure that that sign will find a special place on the wall of here home or office.
Thinking outside the box at gift giving time will produced over the top responses from the gift receiver. May I suggest that a Handmade Wood Sign created by Doug’s Wood Signs is just the ticket for an unusual, unique gift idea. Our Custom Wooden Signs are made right here in the Pacific Northwest in the good ol’ USA, made from recycled Old Growth western red Cedar. Try Dougs Wood Signs, you will be pleasantly surprised and so will the recipient of your gift of a fine Cedar Sign.