Most of our signs have Keyholes installed in the back of the sign. The following will help you hang your sign….
!..measure the distance between the narrow part of the keyhole on one edge (2nd & 3rd picture)
2..transfer that measurement to your wall (or post) by making a mark on the wall and then a second mark at the measured distance. It helps to use a leveling tool to keep these holes at equal heights from the floor.
3..Using plastic anchors available from any home store…drill a hole per the size of the anchor. If you find resistance…stop. you have hit a stud and you won’t need the plastic anchor on that hole. Continue with the next hole. Once you have driven a hole, insert the plastic anchor making sure that it is fully bedded to its shoulder.
4.. Install the screws that come with the anchors but leave them high by about 1/4 inch. This allows the sign to drop on and then lock down
5..now install the sign by fitting the larger end of the keyhole over the screws, then pull down until the sign stops. If you can pull the sign down….loosen the screw a little…maybe one turn. the sign should drop down and lock if the screw is left high enough from the wall.