Instructions for your double post installation:

It is important that you follow these instructions for relatively easy installation.

1…At the location that you want the sign placed, dig two post holes, atappropriate distance or space between post, making sure that the holes are parallel to the direction you intend the sign to face. Post hole diggers usually create holes approximately 6 inches in diameter. If you indicated that you wanted the signs to be 72″ off the ground. You will need to dig the post holes approximately 2 ft deep in order for there to be no chance of post being displaced by high winds. Do not shorten or fail to dig deep enough.

2… The signs and posts are set up with key hole slots. Lay out the post with the legs near the post holes, parallel to each other approximately the same distance as the space between the keyhole slots. Slip the signs onto the screw already set in the posts. after the screw are into the slots, pull down on the signs to lock them in place.

3…Place 2-3 inches of gravel or 3/4 rock in the bottom of the holes. Gently lift the posts with signs in place, and drop the legs into the holes. If the top of the posts are not level, add a little gravel to the low post. Then reset the post. Back fill the holes with gravel about 1/3 of the way and check for plumb, both side to side and front to back. Add gravel a little at as time checking the plumb with your level. Once the legs a locked into place with the gravel, continue filling the hole to the top.

4… Now, check the signs for looseness. If they are, remove the sign and turn the screws a small amount ( maybe 1/2 turn) and replace the sign. Repeat until it is snug. Make sure the you pull the sign down into the slot to lock in place.

This process in mounting your post assures that when wet weather comes, the water will not remain against the post as is the case in many concrete installations. Plus rock is easier to handle than concrete. When the time ever comes to remove the posts, you will find it fairly easy.
If you need further advise on the installation, you may call me at 360-463-3355

Tools and materials needed

Post Hole digger (available at rental store or by at Home Depot)
Phillips Head screw driver
Level (a 2 footer will be fine)
2-3 60# bags of gravel/rock
Tape measure