Many people want their sign mounted to a post. Signs with keyhole can be easily attached to posts in much the same way as hanging the sign on a wall.
(you can refer to our post on keyhole slots)
To install the post in the ground….dig a post hole…typical post hole digger creates a 6 inch round hole. make the hole at least 1/3 plus a little for bedding rock, the depth of the entire length of post.. (a three foot post would be buried 1 foot. Now drop into the hole.. 3/4 rock or gravel about two or three inches…Then place the post and then back fill with rock/gravel making sure that the post remains plumb as you add rock around the post. Finish the rock fill to the top, leaving the exposed rock. Over time, as the rain and snow stack up around the post, it will just drain through the the rock allowing the post to dry out and thereby resisting rot. If you ever want to remove the post, you will find it a lot easier than removing a post encased in concrete.