A returning customer ordered a new routed wood sign from Doug’s Wood Signs last week.  They wanted it to be similar to an existing sign that had been done some years ago for another home. The new outdoor wood sign would be different in shape to match the more straight lines of their new home and some minor differences in wording. The old sign had a pine cone art work design but due to the new design restraints was unusable. So we went on a search for a replacement art work.  We were pleasantly surprised to find the line drawings to this pine cone perfect for the new custom wooden sign. I was tempted to leave the hand carved pine cone in a natural finish as I think it really looks good that way.  The customer had, however, requested the pine cone to have color.  So,  in the interest of always trying to achieve customer satisfaction, their  new custom made wood sign is sporting green pine needles with brown tones for branches and cone. We are very happy with the results of the new wood name sign   This wooden name sign will be placed on a tree at the head of the driveway of their home.

You too, can have a custom made wood sign for your home or office. You can contact Doug’s Wood Signs through this website or Facebook.